The heart of Sörmland

Hälleforsnäs, Flen

Flen is the central city of the municipality, which emerged as a focal point along the western pedigree.

The location is strategic with proximity to several major cities, such as Eskilstuna, Norrköping and Nyköping.

The violin of Flen, Ulf Peder Olrog's famous show of the beautiful girl who worked in a bookstore in Flen is familiar to many. The Vallinska bookstore tells more about the story.

Flen is also known as the iceream city with the icecream manufacturer GB Glace right in the center.

The royal castle Stenhammar is situated in the highlands of Lake Valdemaren.
A popular and beautiful hiking trail goes through the oaks, past the castle and around Gårdssjön. (The castle and the park are private areas and not accessible to the public.)

Lida gård
Within walking distance of Stenhammar along the beautiful "Lidarundan" is the destination Lida farm. Here you will find the store Kvalité Häst & Hund, Restaurant and Café Lida gård and Lidas Naturstig, the children's natural gem and much more. The Näckrosleden and Sörmlandsleden also pass here,
Tel: 0157-76 83 51 or 070-471 12 89

In the newly renovated Railway Hotel you will find literature about Stenhammar and also books like Prince Wilhelm donated to the municipality. The tourist office of Flen is located in the same building. 

Hembygdsgården Thulepark is an oasis centrally located in Flen. Here you will be invited to cultural experiences and interesting meetings. The old buildings are migrated from the fields around Flen show how we lived in the 1700s and 1800s.

Among Sörmland's all mansions you can find a mini-version in the middle of Flen. Orresta Gård has a thousand-year history and in it's former town the town of Flen has grown. Numerous is the landowner no bigger than three gardens but the main house and a wing building still remains- and a three-seater pink outdoor bathroom. All of them are built-in, which means that the farm has a cultural historical value and is to be preserved for the future. Today there is a café, art gallery, conference and guided tours.
Tel: 070-69 518 06

Mötesplatsen / Flens libary
Here you can relax in a pleasant environment, drink a cup of coffee, read newspapers, borrow books, work at computers, experience various exhibitions, events and get information about various activities in the municipality.

The library also has a small art gallery, Galleri Villåttinge. You can also use the wireless network for free if you want to surf with your phone or computer. 

Premises with modern technology adapted for different types of conferences can be booked free of charge for the municipality's associations and municipal activities. Other stakeholders such as companies pay a fixed fee. For more information about local booking for meetings and conferences, contact Mötesplatsen.
Tel: 0157-43 09 64

Contact information

Bruket, Gjuterimästarbacken 1
Contact: Flens Turistbyrå
Phone: +46-157430996


Opening hours

The tourist information has from Tuesday 1 June - 31 May open:

Tuesday - Friday 11:00 - 17:00
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 14:00

Summer season with Flens Turism - find us here this summer!

Malmköpings Camping
Flens Golfklubb Norrtorp
Trädgårń i Flen
Ekenäs Kvarn/ Trädgård
Malmköpings hembygdsgård
Sigridslunds Café & Handelsbod
Lida Gård
Sparreholms Slott/Museer
Centralt i Malmköping
Grinda Gårdsglass

Public transportation


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In the newly renovated railway station next to the railway station, the tourist office is open all year round.