Hälleforsnäs, Flen

Sparreholm Castle & Museums

At Sparreholm Castle you will find a magnificent car museum that contains one of Europe's finest car collections with cars from the beginning and beyond. Vagnslidret is located at Björkhult Farm near Sparreholm Castle. At the castle there is also one of Europe's largest jukebox museums and other curiosities.

Nostalgimuseum, Sparreholm

Stay at Båvens strand and experience the nostalgia. Gråfors collections will take you on a journey through the time where you will be able to experience unique collections from motorcycles and toys to the iron and country trade. Coffee-making is served in the 50's café.

Museispårvägen, Malmköping - The Swedish Urban Transport Museum

Here you will find the museum trail with a large number of older tramsfor museum traffic between Malmköping and Hosjö. Along the sparkling lakes and through beautiful nature you go tram. Shop in the freeway, have a cup of coffee with good bread and see how the traffic environment is rebuilt from the 1930s.

History around Heden, Malmköping

Here you for instance meet Colonel Gustaf Adolf von Siegroth who founded Malmköping by moving the Södermanland regiments to Malmköping in the 1770s. The story around Heden is also told indoors in the Museum of Malmahed. Malmköping received purchase rights in 1785 by the Royal Majesty and free markets could be arranged, which was very important for the purchase. The trade came to play an important role in purchasing and is still an important nutrition.

The Malmahed Museum, Malmköping

Here you will find out more about the cityhistory and how the military life affected the city. The museum is run by Sörmland Museum, where also the Swedish Nature Conservation Association's outstanding exhibition about Båven is located, a Natura 2000 area.

Hembygdsgården, Malmköping

In charming 18th century environmental you find from textiles to veteran cars. The photo museum tells about the story of the purchase.

Flatiron Museum, Malmköping
In Malmköping, Lars Ivarsson has over the years accumulated around 2000 old irons. In his museum he has about 600 irons on display.

Gjuterimuseet, Hälleforsnäs

At the old industry in Hälleforsnäs there is a foundry museum of class, built with workplaces, tools and objects that have been manufactured at the mill and reflects the use of the kitchen. Here is also a bandy exhibition depicting the bandy poem with "Brukets blå". Here are also temporary exhibitions about different parts of the community that the old industry was part of, the "Affärsverksamheten" and "Folkets Park".
In the foundry's premises there is also a tourist office and an art gallery. 

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