Castles in Sörmland

Hälleforsnäs, Flen

Hedenlunda castle
The castle is scenic in the Vadsbro parish in the middle of Sörmland.
The castle has an exciting history dating back to the 1000's.
Weddings, golf packages, activities, relaxation and good food in a fanciful castle setting.
Tel: 0157-754 00

Sparreholm Castle
With museums and horse center.
Accommodation in castles and in hostels. Five fantastic museums, a summer café in the castle environment and a horse center dedicated to the classic riding.

Rockelstad Castle
A national romantic castle at Lake Båvens beach with very interesting history. Weddings, parties and horse riding.  You can also rent your own house in the park.
Tel: 0157-320 10

Yxtaholm Castle
Note: At the moment, Yxtaholms castle is closed

At Yxtaholm, relaxation is offered in the beautiful nature of Sörmland. With beach sauna, opportunity for activities, spa and a seasonal food menu.
Tel: 0157-244 40

Contact information

Bruket, Gjuterimästarbacken 1
Contact: Turistbyrån
Phone: +46-157430996