Cafes within the municipality of Flen


Flen, Mellösa, Hälleforsnäs

Cafe Orlog 
Drottninggatan 3, Flen 
Indoor and outdoor seating with about 90 seats.
Wheelchair accessible. 
Tel: 0157-131 10 

Flens station, café and billiards
Flens railway station

Cafe Lida Gård 
Indoor and outdoor dining. Wheelchair accessible. 
Tel: 0157-120 05 

Orresta Farm 
Indoor and outdoor dining. 
Tel: 070-6951806

Lager 157 
Annebergsvägen, in Hälleforsnäs 
Easier lunches and pastry in the outlet shop. Outdoor seating. Wheelchair accessible. 
Tel: 0157-157 57

Fröken Larsson's cafe 
Storgatan 14, Hälleforsnäs 
Café with homemade pastry and simple lunches. 
Open: Thurs-Sun 12-16.

Cafe Stötasten
2018 is Cafe Stöttasten closed. 
Granheds bygdegård 
Open summer time
Tel: 0157-911 32

Sockenvägen 46, Mellösa 
Tel: 073-975 65 77

Domargårdens cafe
Arts and crafts exhibitions, homemade material. 
Wheelchair accessible. 
Open summer time
Tel: 0157-600 68

Prylmarknadens cafe
Harpsundsvägen 24, Mellösa 

Tel: 070-591 45 61


Sparreholm, Skebokvarn, Vadsbro

Sparreholm Castle 
Open summer time
The castle's retro cafe with a la carte meny
Tel: 0157-305 62

Johannisdals cafe 
Open summer time
Road 53, 6 km south of Sparreholm 
Indoor and outdoor dining. Waffles, salads, sandwiches and figs. 
Tel: 0157-320 30

Sigridslund Cafe & Handelsbod 
Road 53, 10 km south of Sparreholm 
Indoor and outdoor dining in a lovely rustic setting. 
Wheelchair accessible 
Tel: 0157 - 322 21

Bygdecafét Skebokvarn 
Cafe and Crafts. Wheelchair accessible. 
Open Sundays 
Tel: 076-116 89 83

Open summer time
Sparreholmsvägen 8, Skebokvarn 
Homemade pastry. Great outdoor seating. 
Tel: 0157-720 28

Kvarnen - Antique
Open summer time
Ekenäs, Vadsbro 
Homemade pastry and sales of antiques in the old mill. 
Tel: 073-83 68 907 



Kaca's Cafe
Open: Wednesday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-16, Sundays 11-15 
Stora torget 1 
Coffee and homemade goodies in a homely environment. 
Disabled toilet facilities are on site. 
Tel: 070-374 62 48

Cafe Björndammen 
Closed at the moment
Indoor and outdoor dining with beautiful views.
Wheelchair accessible. 
Tel: 073-785 17 51, 016-721 44

Museispårvägen cafe
Limited opening hours, check their website
Indoor and outdoor dining in a cozy old-fashioned setting in a newly renovated cafe overlooking the trams. 
Wheelchair accessible. 
Tel: 0157-204 30

Stina's Cafe and Food 
Open summer time
Malmköping bath & camping 
Delicious sandwiches and simple lunches. Grill Buffet. 
Wheelchair accessible. 
Tel: 070-778 31 48

Pingstkyrkan och biståndscenter
Kungsgatan 14 
Café and second-hand sales 
Tel: 0157-205 49