Fishing in Flens municipality

Permitted fishing without a fishing license in Taljasjön and parts of Gårdssjön.

Fishing licenses for Nedingen are sold at Malmköping camping for 50 SEK/ week per family. Fishing licenses for Nedingen are also sold by Grinda Gårdsglass in Malmköping. At Malmköping's camping, it is possible to rent a boat for 95 SEK / hour. Visit their website for more information In Nedingen, it is only allowed to fish from a boat or from one of the many islands. For more information, visit Malmköping's website

If you are interested in fly fishing, we suggest visiting lilla malma which offers fly fishing courses etc.


Fishing licenses for upper Båven and lower Skarvnäsviken are sold by Sparreholms fiskevårdsförening, Skebokvarns canoe center and Sparreholms kiosk. Guest cards and membership cards are sold by Sparreholms fiskevårdsförening for 200 SEK/ per person. Day / week tickets are sold by the kiosk in Sparreholm and Skebokvarn's canoe center for 30 SEK / day and 75 SEK / week. 

Fishing licenses for the west of  Båven are sold at canoe centers in Skebokvarn. In the lake only fishing from islands or boat is allowed. Canadians and kayaks can be rented at the canoe center, for more information visit For more information about fishing, visit Skebokvarn's sportfiskeförenings website

Fishing licenses for Mellösasjön are sold by Mellösa fiskevårdsförening and Flens tourist information. Day passes cost 25 SEK / each, monthly passes 50 SEK / each and annual passes 150 SEK / each. If you are under 15 years old, the annual card costs 20 SEK / each. Fishing pier available. For more information visit or

Mälby Humledal
Fishing licenses for Örhammaren are sold by Börje Johansson at Margretebo, Lars Gillberg at Norrkärr and Tomas Lindman at Davidsnäs. Day passes cost 25 SEK / each, monthly passes 50 SEK / each and annual passes 150 SEK / each. If you are a landowner, the annual card costs 100 SEK / each. Fishing is allowed from land but avoid private piers and do not fish near bathers. All forms of internal combustion engines are prohibited while electric motors run well. For more information visit

In the municipality of Flen, fishing licenses are among others sold to Yngaren and Mäskaren at Bettna baren, Flen's tourist information and online A three-day card costs 100 SEK / each and an annual card costs 300 SEK / each. Children under the age of 16 fish for free in the fishing license holder's company. For more information visit Yngaren's website

Fishing licenses for Vadsbrosjön are sold at Ekenäs kvarns café and at Ekskogen's farm by Börje Johansson tel. 0157-70 335.